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Madness error in the fusion

2008-09-22 19:08:01 by zerostorm98

im working in one submission your name is Madness Error in the fusion is one battle for nevada. the author and tricky is figthing now the savior is cautioned one fusion for error.
now tricky and the author has fusioned. hank now is die other hero save nevada for the hands of trickthour (tricky-author) Max the almost dead (the hero) now defeat the enemy with all weapons and other homework for this is rebirth Hank and savior
the enemy: zombies and trickthour
the hero: Almost Dead
1 vs ¿¿?? (so much enemys)
ok let´s working


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2008-09-28 18:47:05

dude that name is alerady taken adness fusion preview

zerostorm98 responds:

ok im create other name